Student Rep Conference

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Student Rep Conference


On Wednesday the 3rd of November the annual student rep conference run by the student’s union was hosted in the carriage shop theatre at the Roundhouse. Over 60 student reps attended the event and the majority of the exec members of the Students Union. The event was a valuable day for the new reps because they manage to learn about various things involved in being reps including what safeguarding and things like prevent are, there were 3 main learning sessions of the day but you only had to attend 2 of the 3 sessions. They included, Evolve and enrichment, support services and safeguarding and finally what is good teaching and learning. These 3 sessions allowed the reps to learn about how things run and what should happen and the steps in place when they are called upon by other students. The day also had other things and talks going on like the British Value talk which went over what they were and why we need them. We finished the day at 4:30 after all the talks and pretty much everyone was happy with the day. It was generally a fun day and things were discussed also with Annita Straffon like problems with lectures or members or staff and college in general. Issues were raised and they were then able to be dealt with as soon as they left the room.

Charlie and Mark did an excellent job organising the day and you could see Charlie (SU president) full of enthusiasm which everyone took very well and improved the atmosphere of the day. Anna Davey also was at the event and were able to discuss things like some of the reps becoming student ambassadors and other things the reps need to be aware of around college.

Overall by the end of the day everyone had gained valuable knowledge on being a rep and what is involved being one.