Driving Test Nerves?

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Today, I thought I would do a blog post on post driving test nerves.

Passing your driving test is the beginning of your freedom. You can go anywhere you like without asking your parents for a lift. Also…NO BUSES!!

But passing the test can be tricky so I am going to give you a few tips on how to calm those nerves and pass with flying colours.

Firstly, you have to break the test down into sections. For those that don’t know; the test begins with 2 simple questions about the vehicle. These are called show me tell me questions. These include showing the examiner how to do something such as ‘put on the windscreen wipers’, and telling them something which could be ‘tell me how you know the brake light is working’. Then you set off and begin a 5 minute independent drive in which the examiner will tell you to follow the road signs. A manoeuvre must then be performed and this is at the decision of the examiner. This could be a reverse around a corner, parallel park, turn in the road or a bay park. By breaking down this test into sections it allows you to get to know what the examiner will ask and will make you less nervous.

Secondly, practice! Practice makes perfect as they say so either that be trying to get a few more lessons before your test or even practicing with your parents. Also get your instructor to take you around some familiar test routes. Being on a familiar road on your test can be a comfort so if they know the routes, practice them! Extra tip…practice everything. Even if you don’t like a particular manoeuvre, it could come up in your test so never miss it out.

Many people don’t know that you can actually have your driving instructor in the car with you. So if you are still nervous on the day, you can ask them if they could ride in the back for some reassurance.

Lastly, the morning of your test is always a scary moment. So make sure you are prepared. Ensure that the night before you have got your provisional license ready for you to take. Also have a good breakfast, items such as fruit and cereal will give you slow releasing energy which will help your concentration on the test.

DON’T FORGET…stay calm and remember you can do it!